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What Clients Say



Roy was an indispensable member of the team that worked on the recording engineering and mixing of our Coldcut album "sound mirrors", his skills are top rate, a musical head, a fine set of ears, an ability to get the deepest bass sound and a cracking drum feel - combined with a solid grounding in many diverse production styles meant that our often weird and off the hook ideas never phased him.... solid


Plump DJs

Roy Merchant has been our best kept secret for over ten years now. We have called upon his expert services, and friendly ears for assistance on a majority of our projects since we started plump productions in 1998. If you need cutting edge technical support, unmatched engineering talent, or a full scale mix down that will make your music sing like it should, he is your man.


Asher D

Ad82 Productions have worked with Red Devil for more than 10 years and all our artists use Red Devil Media. Roy’s brilliant skills as a producer/engineer are second to none. I can't recommend him highly enough.



I've been recording in this business for 10 years using various mix engineers and studios across the UK and I can quite easily say that Roy is up there with the best. When it comes to vocal production, comping, tuning, arranging he is the best I've worked with and always gets the best performances out of me in the studio.


Omar MBE

I've known Roy for over twenty years now and i can honestly say that it’s been a pleasure to watch his talent grow, never fails to help give my music the good treatment!


Swiss - So Solid

I can say that the reason I still work with Roy is because he is a professional at what he does and also full of wisdom and knowledge. His breadth and depth of experience is very valuable and means he can draw upon a skill set that is rare in our industry of self taught and sometimes short-sighted individuals.

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